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For three decades, the UX recruitment market has been dominated by the same agencies that recruit participants for marketing and advertising research studies. However, UX study recruitment requires an added layer of intuitive design. Participant requirement for UX studies is not as simple as matching set demographics to a study.

Our team of recruiters function as technologists, curating specific attributes that can be associated with the exact participants that our clients require. We require our team to understand the products and services for which they recruit, as well as the cultural and personal attributes of the participants we seek.

In addition to the traditional, marketing recruiters’ skill set, our team has extensive knowledge of corporation structure, technology, communications, and localization for global audiences.​

Contact Design



Contact Design is a user research and participant recruitment company focused on results. We connect the best research companies with the right participants. Our 20 year history of proven results backs this claim. Additionally, with an average participant show-up rate of 96% we are committed to perfection and achieving this in record time.

With an extensive history in the field of technical publications and communications, our founders have a strong interest in usability and the emotional impact of user instructions. We apply the findings of user research pioneers, like Don Norman and Jacob Nielsen, to master the discipline of Instructional Design.

Our extensive research translates directly into participant recruitment. Our clients require high quality recruitment of participants for usability testing. We deliver the right participants to high profile clients for user experience (UX) research