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Are you interested in getting paid for your expertise and interests? Join our database and receive weekly alerts on exciting opportunities. We value your time, and participants are always paid on time via our trusted partners. From research studies, to online surveys, to product testing, there is something that will appeal to everyone!

“I want to say what a fantastic job you did recruiting for us. I cannot tell you what an invaluable experience we all had as a team talking to these participants. They were articulate, thoughtful and wonderful to speak to. Thank you so much for jumping into this project unseen and without much background. I'd LOVE to work with you again."

​— Ovetta Sampson, IDEO Chicago

Contact Design has over 100,000 active subscribers in our database and we use proven targeting methods to source millions of other possible participants. Whether you are a user research company, a user research group, or a private institution, Contact Design is the connection between you and your future participants and customers.



In addition to the traditional, marketing recruiters’ skill set, our team has extensive knowledge of enterprise resource planning, technology, communications, and localization for global audiences.

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Connecting the best user research companies with the right participants. Our thorough methods of selecting the right participants are proven through successful interviews, focus groups, usability testing and product testing. The Contact Design model uses effective selection criteria to source, screen, recruit, and manage participants with an above average show-up rate of 96%. We deliver outstanding results in record time.
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